How skylights help shape modern-day Australian homes

A skylight is a part of the roof which lets in sunlight. The presence of skylights in homes is an age-old architecture style in warm countries such as Australia. Yet, for most of Australian history, the style of skylights has always been the same. Today, many companies in Melbourne and other cities are producing skylights over various major cities. As a result of this competition, there have been some very interesting innovations to these beautiful structures. One example is the brand Velux Melbourne market currently offers.

Performance Glazing Skylights 

If you are looking to buy skylights Sydney or Melbourne offers with a high UV index, it is best to buy performance glazing skylights. These skylights have a special type of coating on them which prevents harmful rays from entering such as UVA and UVB rays. These rays are usually emitted from the sun and due to the geographical positioning, south-eastern Australian cities feel it the most.

Solar panel skylights

Solar panel skylights or solar skylights are the new generations of skylights. Like its name, these Velux Melbourne skylights are powered by the sun. Hence, they require no wiring and are relatively easy to install. This is great for warm countries and can be quite cost efficient in the longer term. Due to the complex nature of this technology, only a few companies are providing the skylights in specific areas only.

A common question that often arises from these types of skylights are; What if it rains? The answer to this is yes. There are skylights equipped with automatic sensors installed Velux Melbourne skylights which detect rain and close off accordingly.

Skylight windows 

Skylight windows are unique in the sense that they are not exactly skylights but at the same time, they are also not windows. They are usually installed into bedrooms and often come with roller blades that can be pulled on and off. Believe it or not, this type of skylight is actually quite a new technology. Yet there are quite a few companies that produce these Velux windows. If you want to add skylight windows for your bedroom or bathroom, be sure to contact reliable suppliers to ensure quality. It is not recommended to pick a product from unreliable sources.

Past, Present, Future

Due to the presence of many companies over various locations all over Australia, there have been some highly exciting innovations in the field of skylights. The ones named in this article are just a few. Manufacturers are constantly designing quality and functional products that are useful and energy-efficient without compromising the aesthetic value. Whether you plan on installing skylights for your home or office, you will never go wrong when you buy from trusted suppliers.

Once again, if you are new to this industry and are looking for skylights, do stick to brands discussed in this article as they are the largest and most established.

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